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Welcome to Amazing Girl involved in Training, Mentoring & Coaching girls to help them discover their identity, worth & purpose.

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Becoming an Amazing Girl Insights from Everyday Life: 50 Devotions for Mums Losing Jason: A Mother’s Journey After Loss From a Raw Mess to a Princess

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We are involved in Training, Mentoring & Coaching girls to help them discover their identity, worth & purpose.
This we do through events, publications & digital platforms.

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Becoming an Amazing Girl

The two most common traits that pull girls down are low self-esteem & lack of self-appreciation. These two issues, along with others will be brought out in this book. Girls will be able to, after reading this book, discover their true self-worth, the wealth of potential that they have, realize how amazing they are,be able to exert themselves in the world knowing that they do have a lot to offer.

Insights from Everyday Life: 50 Devotions for Mums

This is a candid presentation of my daily life, the insights I draw from the activities of my life. It is like sharing my journal, with the upsdowns, my rightswrongs, believing, hopingpraying that you will be both inspiredblessed.

Losing Jason: A Mother’s Journey After Loss

There is no chapter of this book that I have written without tears streaming down my face. Writing it has been a difficult journey. That difficulty has made it even more clear that I ought to write it…for the grieving mum. So that she won’t have to mourn alone, cry alone, worry alone or be alone. As I let you in on my journey after loss, I pray that God will heal your hurt, give you comfort & peacegive you the grace & strength to make it through life one more day.

From a Raw Mess to a Princess

Inside every girl & woman is a little girl, a girl longing for love & affirmation, longing to be known & celebrated for who she really is…a princess. Many times, this girl gets lost, forgotten or abandoned, but there is One who always remembers her. This book reminds her of her true identity in God, helps the growing & grown-up girl to regain her footing in God, keeping her gaze on Him & no longer hiding behind a mask to hide her true, precious self.


Coaching For Confidence

Do you have great dreams but you feel that you’re not powerful or confident enough to go for them? What really is stopping you?

Get a complimentary clarity session about this.

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Give The Best Christmas Experience  To The Girls.


We’re planning to visit the girls who stay at the Kenya Children Centres Home in Ngoingwa, Thika.

This year, we plan to take it a notch higher beyond the basics. In addition to books, sanitary towels, tissue paper, special cards,food stuff, we’d like to give them a special cutex party – just like I throw at my house for other girls.

In collaboration with Uzuri Institute of Professional Studies, we’ll have the beauty students come to have a special time with the girls, polishing their nails with sparkly glitter cutex. You know how cute that is for the girls??! The girls will remain with the cutex. It’s our special Christmas gift to them, beyond the basics; just like other kids get gifts beyond just the basics on special occasions.

Please come on board, donate join us. You can donate in cash or in kind, you can also accompany us on that day – Saturday, 3rd November 2018. We’ll be going there from 2 pm to 5 pm together with Life Issues Ministry, Women’s View the very kind Uzuri Institute of Professional Studies.

Anngladys Gichuhi,
Founder- Amazing Girl Mentorship Network.

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