No way! “Yes way, I’m afraid.”

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No way! “Yes way, I’m afraid.”

July 31, 2009 Uncategorized 0

So what can Christians learn from stoves? Oh well, I didn’t think much about it until I actually did (i.e. learn from a stove.) you know the routine – light a matchstick, light the wicks, blow off the matchstick and throw it away, fix the stove, yaddar yaddar yaddar. That’s just what I was doing when I noticed that as I lit the wicks, the matchstick burned brighter and more vigorously than the old looking wicks. But it also burnt away faster, and soon, there would be none of it left, but the wicks continued to burn all the way…till the stove was put off.
I think that the real thing doesn’t flaunt its process, it doesn’t need to, and it just does its job efficiently, continuously. But the fake thing, which doesn’t last and isn’t equipped for that job shows off pretty much and burns out half as fast: funny, huh?

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