Bend now…or bend later

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Bend now…or bend later

August 1, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Hi. Me again. Kitchen still, and this time I was intending to throw some vegetable peels away. Now, our dustbin is located in a compartment under the sink. I didn’t feel like bending, so I just threw them, hoping they would find their way into the bin. Then I bent down to check, what was meant to be a quick confirmation glance of my success. Yeah right. I needed to bend yet again to pick the peels and throw them into the bin, a little bit frustrated.
I should have just bent the first time, done it right and ended the whole procedure. How often we tend to be less careful and cautious than we really need to be. Now the bin-peel saga was rather inconsequential, but in real life, some of our “failing to bend” actions are more costly, it’s just better to bend the first time and get it over with, lest we have to of necessity bend severally later for corrective reasons. “Pay now, play later, or play now and play later,” John Maxwell said. Either way you gotta “bend,” I guess.

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