Is the oil hot enough?

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Is the oil hot enough?

August 2, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Kitchen mamma, cooking saucepan on stove, oil in the saucepan…ought to be hot by now. In go the onions, and there’s not enough of a sizzle. Resolution: got to wait a little longer before I put in the rest, the oil isn’t hot enough, won’t therefore be ready enough for the rest of it. Then when thought to be ready, a test with just a little more to see if the oil is hot enough.
Same with life. Paul urged Timothy to stir up the gift of God inside himself, so that when the Master comes and finds you ready, he can sizzle your life with more interesting responsibilities, but your fat needs to be hot. Are you getting ready for the big future that God wishes to bring your way, or will He come and find you unready, unprepared for His elevation to your next level? If the fat isn’t hot enough, the delay is inevitable. And only you can “stir it up.”

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