A speech from the heart

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A speech from the heart

August 3, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Today, I am very grateful to God, and I feel very happy, that finally one of my books is out, in hard copy. I am glad that you are all here with me, sharing with me this very special event in my life.
I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who have seen this project through to completion:
God, my ever-present and everlasting Father; all I am is because of Him,
My mum, Grace Mbugua, who has stood with me all my life,
My husband, Pst. Rupert Gichuhi, the Youth Pastor here at our church, who loves me deeply,
Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi, ACMI Founder and International Director, who forwarded this book and continues to train me in ministry,
Susan Mbugua, my aunt, mentor and friend,
Pastor Peter Kanyuku (my uncle, by the way), the CCIT Administrator, and Rose Kanyuku, her confidence is absolutely inspiring,
My CCIT Family, who have loved and supported me in many ways,
Pst. Mike Gitonga, a very big-hearted and caring friend, and his wife Joyce, a woman of great strength, and who inspired me to go after my dreams and to not ever give up; our wonderful friends and best-couple.
Nuru Ryanga, for not only doing the back cover, but also for always being there to cover my back. Je t’aime, Mon Amie!
To all those who encouraged and supported me in the publishing of this book – Kawira Muchiri, Julia Gathu and Paul Irungu, John Mutisya, Dominic Karau of Juu Ya Maji Ministries (thanks for the inspiration!!!) – Your contribution remains invaluable to me, thanks!! May God expand your boundaries, and bring you overflowing blessings.
And for all who have participated in making this launch and service a success, thank you very much.
I love you…thanks for being a part of my life.
When I discovered that my rest, happiness and stability could be found in God, I stopped looking for them in things and people and began enjoying what I already had in God.
And this is my prayer for all girls, that by accepting God’s love, they would find their rest and confidence in God by accepting His love and thus be free to fly in the beauty of their full potential.
As we launch this book, it is my prayer that through reading this book, girls will find a light for their lives, and that they will pass on this light to others, causing a ripple of positive, godly and empowering inspiration, beyond all our time and space.

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