Book Launch!!!

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Book Launch!!!

August 3, 2009 Uncategorized 0

The book launch was a great success. We had a lovely time worshiping God.
Pastor Rupert Gichuhi, who was the master of ceremony, then called Nuru Ryanga, a very good friend of Anngladys, who sang a beautiful song. She actually wrote that song purposely for the book launch.
Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi gave a speech that encouraged those who were in attendance. He said that just like the Great Divide, this book is the beginning of many more books that Anngladys will write. And may its influence go to all the world.
When Anngladys’ mother spoke, it warmed the hearts of many, especially to hear that Anngladys is also her friend not just her daughter-a very rare and special happening in today’s times. She also humored the congregation when she told of Anngladys’ adventures when she was a young girl. She sang a song from the Psalms, and this too blessed the people.
Anngladys gave her speech on the book, Becoming An Amazing Girl. Her speech will be posted here soon.
Mrs. Susan Mbugua, Anngladys’ mentor, led in the cutting of the cake, and she encouraged young people to use their talents, and to follow the counsel of good mentors.
Pastor Peter Kanyuku gave the vote of thanks and the benediction, and blessed the people as they left.
It was indeed a beautiful day, and we all thank God for its success.

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