Dishes, dishes, dishes…

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Dishes, dishes, dishes…

August 3, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Clean-up time, after quite a lot of activity. Dishes all over, floor needs a sweep, surfaces need to be wiped. The curtain and window are closed. Quite a state. I begin by sweeping the floor and wiping the surfaces. A little more presentable, the place is. Then I begin with the dishes, first I organize them, then deal with cups, then cutlery, then saucepans….though I badly would like the bright sunshine and cool breeze outside, I figure I must not open the window or even curtain because the kitchen is still quite a sight. After I’m done, however, I begin with the curtain, and the whole room brightens up. Then after having everything in its place, I open the window and the refreshment is heavenly.
I think God does the same for us when He has a big purpose about each of us. He recognizes that we are a long ways of from His ideal for us, and decides to work on us. He chooses the privacy to shield us from the neighbors, onlookers, spectators, idlers and passersby. Our lives are in quite a state. And although progress is evident, we wouldn’t be of much help to one another with our ongoing experience. Then after He’s done, and has placed all things where they ought to be, He opens the curtain. The world can now take in the transformation, and thanks to being settled, we can now coherently and calmly tell our experience, wizened by experience and time. Then everybody’s now looking on and wanting to know what happened. It is then that He opens the window and lets them in, and provides a channel for us to share our experience with Him, and in a time and manner that blesses and edifies those who hear.
I think we need to appreciate every stage of our life, especially when having the conviction that God is leading us to greatness. Let us remember that in times of obscurity, He is shielding us from a lot of harm, discouraging critics and dampness…and in the long run allowing people to focus on His glory rather than the messes that we are. Funny, how, how a kitchen experience so makes us reflect on our lives.

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