Papers and fans…work and pressure

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Papers and fans…work and pressure

August 5, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I’m working in an office right now, and the temperatures are killing hot. So we need the fan on. Or so I think. Once it’s put on, papers on our desks begin to fly all over, and there’s a huge mess, the fan needs to go off and organization needs to begin all over again, causing us to work in the hot office. Not good.
Somewhat like in life. We desire extra pleasure and comfort, some little luxury, to make our lives more comfortable. But if we get them on and there’s loose work on our desks, loose ends in our lives, the very luxuries that we desire can blow our lives out of order.
So if we want to have the fan on, let’s get our act together firs, lest we have to do it all over again…in the heat and pressure.

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