Yeah right! No,it’s for real….really!

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Yeah right! No,it’s for real….really!

August 7, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I was dusting window sills the other day using a small hand towel, quite small in comparison to the other cloths I usually use e.g. blankets, bathtowels, curtains, etc. after cleaning I cleaned up the little hand toel, and hanged it out to dry, all spick and span, clean and crispy.
It got me thinking about our purposes that God created us for. Though you think your purpose seems like a small one, because of it, the Master spends a lot of time with you, working with you, through you, and caring for very important details (e.g. window sills, curtain boxes) which would, if neglected, be of detrimental effect. He also wants His vessel looking good, for it brings Him pleasure that way.
Therefore be encouraged in God that your purpose is important, and that He does care for your total well-being whoever and wherever you are.

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