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August 8, 2009 Uncategorized 0

All of us, I’m sure, have at one point or another in time, had the cell-phone craze. Yes. “Everyone has it but me,” “oh I need it to communicate to so and so about this or that,” “oh mum, all high school leavers have one but me,” the list of reasons or excuses thereof is endless. Some are genuine, mature and valid, others are rather vain and selfish, but they are real to the beholders nevertheless.
Then we get them cell-phones, and we are really happy. Finally I can talk about what ringtones my phone has, what features it has and how much it can do…but then the all-too-often sad cry “I’m low on airtime,” or “sorry I couldn’t call you, I didn’t have airtime…” and on and on.
Maintenance. We have a dream and we’d like it to come true. How well are we going to maintain it? Have we counted the cost of our dream, and are we willing to maintain it, keep that relationship going, keep refueling and servicing you car…it’s okay to dream, but when our dreams come true, let us honor the Master with good stewardship.

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