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Track Record

August 9, 2009 Uncategorized 0

This girl showed up at the reception and asked for an airtime card to recharge her phone. She was shocked when she realized that she couldn’t pay for it because…alas, she had forgotten her money at home. She was sure she had the money, hence the confidence in asking for the airtime card, but now she didn’t have it with her. It was at home.
“Oh what to do now?”
“No, don’t worry,” came the soft reply with a smile – “we know you, and you can bring us the money over the weekend. You’re a good girl and we know you’ll bring it…”
And with that she was given the card…
Oh what a good track record does for us. If we keep a good record for ourselves, if we are faithful in the small things of ‘now’, we never know what they could count for in the future. We have only now to secure our future. What kind of future are we likely to have based on our current doings?

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