Real, true worth

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Real, true worth

August 10, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I know the story of a girl, who once discovered the worth of herself, after struggling with low self-esteem for the most part of her life till then. She observed that because of how hard it was to get to see influential people and big speakers, the same were highly regarded and treated with honor.
She craved this with all her being, and started keeping away from her friends, and only showing up after long periods of time. The blockbuster however came when her friend to her, “you want us to notice you by being away…” along with other things.
Food for thought indeed. That her worth wasn’t also in her scarcity! What was it in, then? After a long time of seeking and searching, she discovered that she did really love listening to certain programs, though the presenters were the same day after day.
That’s when it dawned on her, that true worth was in content, and not so much scarcity, but that with great and quality content and matter, one would be well sought after, and consequently be scarce in some areas….
Scarcity versus content?

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