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No, thanks

August 11, 2009 Uncategorized 0

The story of Jesus saying that the widow who gave two pennies in a church service was then one who had given the most, got me thinking for a couple of days. How could it really be so? That those who had given lots of money weren’t considered so highly?
I thought about someone who had lots of gifts at his disposal, and would give anyone at any of his impulsive discretions. And yet another, a child, who’s had to sell used up soda cans, or old newspapers, to be able to buy his dear mother a present.
Meditation on these things got me to realize that when a gift did cost me something, when it wasn’t all easy and could be extravagantly given without much thought, when it really mattered to another and they still give it away even though they would perhaps need to do without its use for a while…then that was really precious. And I have a tendency to appreciate more what hasn’t been easy to come by, because I know that its existence in my life has cost a price and must therefore mean a lot. I do, I really do. I don’t know about you, though.

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