Stability versus frenzy

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Stability versus frenzy

August 13, 2009 Uncategorized 0

It was the custom of the Carpenter’s Son to get away from the crowds after He had been with them, to go away to a solitary place to unwind and re-energize Himself. Wherever and whenever He needed to at certain times, He withdrew from the crowds and went away to pray. Morning, evening, after great ministry.
This contributed to the stability He enjoyed in His life. When we have stability in our lives, we are able to be cool, calm, collected and corrected; very much at peace and not in a panic or a frenzy,… because at “base,” fundamentally, everything is in its place, where it’s meant to be.
Just like how happy a housewife is when everything is in place, dinner preparations are set, the houses is all clean and neatly organized, then she may go out and get her hair done and enjoy the salon experience. In its time.
Because the “base” is “set,” so to say, when can stand tall, confident and stable about the other factors of her life.
Same thing we all need, I guess, to have our most important priority in good shape, then that way we are strongly founded and can stand tough and stable in the winds of everyday life, by keeping true to our customs, just like the Carpenter’s Son did.

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