My name really is… I really am called……….

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My name really is… I really am called……….

August 14, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Ever noticed how professed we become when we really want to get something that we feel we are entitled to, although it may not be “really right?” yeah, I’ve wondered about it myself a couple of times. And done it in others.
Like when I’ve done something, or I’m in the process of doing something that I really want to do, although I know that some authorities may not agree with it, or with me either. That’s when I need to look for everyone’s opinion to try and support my own, and give lengthy explanations in defense of my deeds and approach. I want it to be taken as okay.
I was taken aback a while ago when I discovered that I didn’t have to prove what may name is, or that the sky is blue, or that the sun rises in the east. When something was the real deal, there is little desire and even energy to want to prove or defend it. When not so, we really are frustrated and desire support. I don’t know about you, but nowadays I want to do what’s more or less universally accepted (Bible-wise, that is) and have less battles with my conscience.

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