Mirror mirror on the wall…

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Mirror mirror on the wall…

August 15, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Visiting her teacher friend one weekend, the young girl decided to help in doing the dishes, an activity which turned out to be more than a mere routine for her. She noticed how well the kitchen area had been maintained, how clean the table cloths were, how well the glasses were sparkling…and she saw herself wanting to maintain these standards.

Later she discovered how girls from certain cliques who dressed, talked and walked in certain ways were treated real well by boys; despite the fact that others would have thought them a little proud and a little too full of themselves. They got the best dates, the boys dressed up real well, and went the extra mile in choice of restaurants and mode of transport, something that their “other” friends dreamt about, (and even then, secretly.)

Seems to me that the standards we keep for ourselves are what other uphold while relating with us. How much dignity and respect we treat ourselves with, what attitudes we wear…something about the world mirroring to us who we are. Yeah, big sigh from me too.

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