Packaging – are you for real?

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Packaging – are you for real?

August 16, 2009 Uncategorized 0

We all have dreams, ambitions and goals that we wish would come true in our careers, relationships, and all aspects of our lives. Seen how people get different treatment based on how they look? Appearance? Someone comes in looking really classic, another comes in jeans and a baggy t-shirt, both hoping to get a job as a lawyer.

Absolutely no comparison there. We get rated by our appearances, then treated accordingly, especially on our journey to our “dreams.” I think it is well worth our efforts to dress our parts even as we approach the main stage of our performance, then that way we grow in our field of choice, and become good at it e.g. language, grooming, attitude; these things matter a lot.

If we could begin nurturing them now, as early as we possibly can, then our dreams wouldn’t be as elusive as they are, for we would already be on our path to them, and the journey would be much more edifying.

Jesus would heal people when they asked for it, very few wanted it delayed so as t take place later. Same case here, if you’ve wanted it badly enough, request Him now, and He can start you off on that path of your desire already, why wait till later?

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