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August 17, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I was cooking the other day, and I needed a plate in which to put my fried egg once it was ready. Some that had been recently washed were still in the drier, but I opted to go for one from those already on the shelves. I knew it would be totally dry and wouldn’t moisten my egg. It would already be over the effects of the cleaning process, and already ready for use without anything extra needing to be done to it.
Sometime, I think, the Master wants to use “dried plates,” because they are authentically ready for their purpose, and have gone beyond the cosmetic stages, the water used to clean them has already had its effect…and now they are ready for business. For something different, e.g. cutting tomatoes, a moist one would have been okay, but for the much higher purposes of the Master, He needs well seasoned “plates.”
So let’s not lose heart. If we are patient, we can get to hold the egg, but that is eventual, not while we’re still “wet.”

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