“Celebrity Status”

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“Celebrity Status”

August 18, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Yesterday I was washing our table cloths in the bathroom, and since they were quite a number, I was pretty tired by the time I came to the end of it. I just thought to myself, “Oh someone else go hang these outside. I’m so tired! Plus I’ve got lots else to do…” Then something stopped me right in my tracks. And I thought, “When I’m hanging these table cloths, the glory will be all mine. It will be clear that it is I who did actually wash them, and should there be a press interview about the experience of the same, its sure is I who’d get the celebrity publicity. But if someone else does it, then I disappear into obscurity, listeners and viewers get the wrong or inaccurate and inadequate information, yes.” Oh what for a washing spree!
It occurred to me that if we hold on to the very end of our God-given purposes, lots of good things will be there in store for us, and also that we can be better placed to authentically help and bless people in our area of expertise. Oh well, you can guess, I went and hanged those table cloths myself, and boy did I have a ball or what!

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