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1. You will have time to enjoy life. You will know how to schedule personal time for just yourself, whether it’s an evening class or an hour of reading.
2. Your physical and mental health will improve. You will have a confident attitude. You won’t have the guilt of procrastination, the stress of time pressure, or the anxiety of mismanagement. Erma Bombeck says, “I don’t have stress, but I’m sure I’m a carrier.” The pressure points that create stress are eliminated when a person is organized.
3. You will be in control of big and little things. Whether it’s a large wedding six months from now or a backyard barbecue next Saturday, you will have a plan for making sure that everything comes together on schedule.
4. You can say “No” without feeling guilty. You will know what your obligations and commitments are months in advance. With such information at hand, you can decline additional requests and explain why you must say no for now.
5. Your life can be less complicated. Organized closets, purses, cupboards and laundry rooms will save you steps, energy, needless repetition, and frustration.
6. You can be a caring person. You will not only have a system for remembering birthdays and anniversaries, but also the time to send cards and do things for friends and neighbors.
7. You can save money. A disciplined budget and a dependable recordkeeping system will allow you to control cash flow and take advantage of sales.
8. You can reach goals. You will become task-oriented and accomplishment-minded. You will make daily progress on projects and finish what you do.
9. You can make wise choices. A home or business that is under control serves as a comfort and support during times of challenge, career redirection, and uncertainty.
10. You can please others. Your husband will praise you for meals served on time and your children will appreciate you for being able to attend their sports events and activities at school.
Adapted from the book, “Get more done in less time,” written by Donna Otto.

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