Let there be!

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Let there be!

August 19, 2009 Uncategorized 0

When God said, “Let there be…” something, the something at that very moment came into being. Light. Moon. Stars. You name it. Oh the power of His word. When Je calls something into existence, He is declaring into being what He already has created the potential of, meaning that whatever He calls can and will come into existence.
The Bible goes on to say that when God is for us, no-one can be against us. Nothing is impossible with God. When we are with Him, we are on the ever winning side. He is unbeatable. And so how to the two come together? Perhaps with even a third instance.
When we are on the same side with God (never by default, only by choice), we are an omnipotent party, an overcoming team. Because He just calls into existence, and we facilitate the happening of His word. He works through us, in us, for us…because He loves u s. isn’t it good to be available for the Lord on His side?

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