Put on the lights

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Put on the lights

August 20, 2009 Uncategorized 0

The evening draws nigh, and the light from t he outside is fast growing dim. I am lying on my couch meditating, thinking about many things. I’ve been there for quite a while, so I’m already feeling a little bit lazy from all that comfort. I turn over on my shoulder and wish for there to be light in the room. I even start thinking wishfully, “Oh if only the lights would come on…”
“Come on!” is the wakeup call that startles me to a start. I am there lying in my couch wishing for there to be lights. Now I live in this modern house which has already got electricity installed, bills paid, everything down to the last socket (in appropriate color of choice) fixed…and all I’ve got to do is switch on the switch. What a shame.
Sometimes God’s already got everything laid out four us, He’s installed the power and potential, all we’ve got to do is work it, connect it…put the switch on. Needless to say we may need to arise from our couches (read comfort zone), but it surely is worth the effort; and it really is the least we can do in thanksgiving to God. Funny, huh?

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