Floating away

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Floating away

August 21, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Yes you do! You know those unwanted particles float when you’re cleaning rice. You sort it out, then clean it with lots of water before cooking it. That’s what I was doing today, as I was preparing lunch. Then the weaker particles, then unwanted ones, those that were not good for eating, would float and I could drain them off. Even when they were still the same color as the rest. Even when they had hidden so well during the sorting process.
There comes a time of real testing, a test which we cannot lie to, pretend, even by looking like the real deal. This test causes the floatation of all fake things, and only those with substance remain. However much make-up we don, however much we pretend, when the real evaluation and judgment happen, all the fake will float away. Better work on the real deal now when there still is time, huh?

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