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August 24, 2009 Uncategorized 0

“I went for shopping with some of my friends a couple of days ago. Usually I’m an outsider because I’m said to be a “nerd” and “too serious” and so getting a chance to go shopping with my “in” friends was really coo. See, they dressed right, looked right, sounded right; and this seemed to get them places, and connections. Finally I was sort of “in” and that felt great. Or I hoped it would.
Shopping went on, and my jaw dropped lower each time. The things were being sold at exorbitant prices, and the argument given for such lofty rates was that “…the appearance did it for them.” So much for reason, I thought. Because the looks would get them in, and hopefully sustain t hem. I remembered a poor friend of mine whose brain was the one that would get him “in” any day, and keep him not just in, but going higher each time. Regardless of his looks, he would be in the best of positions. And he eventually was able to be in a position of command, in the fashion industry.
So much for looks. Content versus casing….right heart and attitude go way beyond superficial “grievances” of appearance and “image,” ‘’ I quote my friend.

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