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Quick Hide

August 25, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Yesterday I was washing dishes after the midday meal. When finishing, there were little particles of food left in the sink. It was easier to flush them down the drain than pick them and throw them in the dustbin. Rather cumbersome and slimy, and not so pleasant a sight. Then a thought crossed my mind. That if I let them go down the drain, they would one day probably cause a blockage. Then when pumping the sink to take care of the blockage, the very same, and many other particles too, would rise up….what a sight and smell! And I would need to remove them nevertheless, and oh how I wouldn’t want anyone else to see them! It’s a dirty sight, a shame, and even I wouldn’t want to look at it.
Just like sin in our lives, and other little “habits” and “mistakes.” We can choose to get rid of them at the beginning, and though rather unpleasant, that’s more bearable than having them recur in bulk and ugliness and stench, and not wanting to see the mess ourselves, and trying to hide from others as well. Eew, huh?
“Everything that is hidden will be brought to light…” (Bible)

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