Powerful simplicity

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Powerful simplicity

August 28, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Maybe you would have done the same, I think. What I did. Opted to use a plain spoon to go about my kitchen affairs, instead of a plastic handled one that would require special cleaning and extra-careful handling. I just wanted a spoon to scoop with, period; and then once done, give it a quick clean and go on with my other important things. Oh well, so cleaning the spoon would also have been important, but what was more important was that my work gets done, period. And as the ‘boss’, I had the final say.
Does God do the same with us? Prefer to work with the simple who are fully devoted to His purposes, as opposed to those who insist on ‘fringe benefits’ and ‘privileges’…who in my case ended up with totally nothing? Something about being wholehearted about God’s purpose and having our focus not on ourselves, but on HIM.

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