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August 29, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Delicious pancakes are a special favorite of my family’s, and as I was making them the other day, I learnt something interesting. If the mixture poured on the pan and was well cooked, it had a fabulous taste. If it however poured on the cooker or on the kitchen table, tender as it would be, when left there to dry, it was very stubborn to deal with. Hard to remove, requiring lots of water, pressure, the works. It was sweet in the beginning alright, but not right then.
Something about things needing to be in their rightful places, even good things. A good thing in a wrong place eventually (most often) becomes a bad thing, and also oft ruins that environment…let’s be careful with how we use our resources; to avoid wastage; take care of our relationships so as not to get hooked up with people who want to abuse or use us (though they look very tender), etc. huh?

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