“A rinse in time….”

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“A rinse in time….”

September 2, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Washing dishes is a favorite household duty of mine, but it can sometimes get cumbersome. When there are so many dishes to wash, especially after cooking a great mighty meal. I always find it better to rinse away anything I use as soon as I’m done with it. At the end of that day, I have a clean, clear table to work on, and not so many dishes to clean.
However, I have to be fully committed to being in the kitchen during the entire experience; I must not be double-minded, e.g. sneaking out often to catch up on a soap opera on TV. I’ve got to have my total efforts concentrated on the kitchen affairs, giving myself fully to the production of a goodly kitchen as I work in it.
Something about a rinse in time saving nine at the end, but only with total commitment and devotedness.

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