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September 5, 2009 Uncategorized 1

Sometimes a great task lies before us, and we wonder when we’ll ever finish it, if we’ll be good at it, if we’ll even be any good at it at all. Live moving house, then needing to arrange the rooms in good order, wipe the window sills, clean the floor, dust the furniture…the list is overwhelmingly endless.
After doing the furniture arrangement, and getting the sitting room in acceptable order, I found myself lamenting about the walls, windows, curtain boxes, all needing attention. Then a small voice at the back of my mind nudged at me, “No, honey, don’t only think of how far you have to go, think of how far you’ve come also. You’ve done great deal, and you can afford yourself some rest and encouraging confidence. You’ve come from far, that should build your psyche and strengthen you with boldness. You have some way to go, but you’re doing good where you’re at, keep going.”
Yeah. Very true.

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