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Focusing potential

September 7, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Chapatis are some very well loved delicacies in Africa, particularly in Kenya. They are really sweet, made from wheat flour mixed with water, salt and oil at the least, but one could also add other personal favorite ingredients.
The cooking process however is a rather tricky and sometimes frustrating one. You’ve got to flatten out small portions of the dough into a flat round something, they fry that into some soft, easy to chew product. If however they are too thin, they become very hard and crispy, and they could hurt your gums as you eat. For them to be warm, tasty, thick, fleshy and somehow sweetly spongy, they’ve got to be thicker in size, and though this may not produces as many as the former, the quality will be superior.
Just like in life. We do too many things averagely, yet we have a choice of excelling in a chosen few. I rest my case.

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