Stick through the heat

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Stick through the heat

September 8, 2009 Uncategorized 0

The other day we had a party at our house, and as many guests were coming, lots of preparation had to be done. Among those were getting extra fuel for coking, and part of this was charcoal. As we moved the bags to and fro, a certain thought crossed my mind, when I looked at my quickly blackening palms.
I had on a very beautiful ring with precious diamond, which glittered so very well. Then I remembered my high school chemistry lesson, on the preparation of diamond, its composition, and the like. It didn’t take very long to remember that both charcoal and diamond are made of the same stuff…just that diamond stuck it out through higher heat and pressure.
I asked myself what I wanted to become in life, and it dawned on me that the same stuff can produce different results when put through different amounts of heat and pressure. My joy however wasn’t in this, but in the end product. I desire to be a diamond, perhaps if I hold on a little longer I’ll be more than charcoal…

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