I’ll do it tomorrow – procrastination

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I’ll do it tomorrow – procrastination

September 10, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I’ve been supposed to do this one thing for sooo very long. Every time it seems opportune for me to do it, I get around to other related business…you know what I mean, I’m supposed to clean the dishes, so when time comes, 1. I arranged them neatly 2. I sweep the floor 3. I make the cabinets neat 4. I get the radio (I want to work in a good environment, see?) 5. I …… yeah. And by the time 30 minutes are over, no dishes are done, and my time and energy are gone.
Oh how I always wish I’d washed the dishes in the first place…but then now I have to do something else, and the dishes have to wait a little while longer… procrastination. I wish I could get down to the main task as soon as possible, and get it over with, especially when the energy, inspiration, enthusiasm, time and energy are here. It doesn’t take a PhD holder to sense that, and so I want to get around to it already…tomorrow morning, perhaps?

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