Give way!

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Give way!

September 11, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Every time I’m walking in the streets I see interesting things. Some people are just plain stubborn. They don’t want to excuse someone else. And others, on seeing that, want to fight right back. All in the name of “I’m in a hurry.” Ha ha ha, what these “hurries” produce.
They bang into each other, coldly and indifferently. (Woe to you if you’re smaller bodied,) they are so hard necked so no one wants to move, they get embarrassed about their situation and so begin to blame each other; and what would have ended in less than a minute ends up in a 3 minute verbal brawl, spoilt attitudes, lots of other people delayed….grrr!
If only the two could give way to each other, it’s more honorable for both parties, and saves lots of precious time and energy, and more often than not results in an attitude face-lift. I don’t know what the hassle is about, do you?

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