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Original Me

September 13, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Books. I like to read them. Very much indeed. They are a wealth of information, of insight, of knowledge. They let you in on the minds of the great, famous and successful, those who have made it big in certain areas. Books are just wonderful, if you ask me. And I’m party to owning a book a month, at the least.
Now, however, books also tend to represent the minds, views and biases of other individuals…just like me. And just like that nasty neighbor who’s always raining criticism on any new idea you get. And that in-law…you know, we know them all. And it is my thinking, that just as we lock those ones out, we need to shut the books up as well, and listen to our own hearts and minds. Discern for ourselves what really matters to us, what life really means to us, what we want to achieve, what we think about life. Books can guide us alright, but the best they can make us is copies of others. Let’s take some “me-time” and develop into our own originals. Goes for all other media too.

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