I wish…

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I wish…

September 15, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I was talking with my brother today, about something I wish I had done. Let’s use the example of money, and how saving a little bit on certain days of the week would at the end of the year produce a large amount of saved up cash. And at the end of a certain period, the amount would have doubled, with the discipline continued.
I was baffled at the end of the conversation when I realized that the big amount was actually realizable; it wasn’t such a horrid fantasy, especially if daily discipline was applied on certain days. It also occurred to me how all too often we miss to embrace the big picture, because we are not so keen on the small details, because we don’t give them the attention they require.
Maybe if we successfully put so much every weekday, we’d end up with X amount a week, Y amount a month and a great Z amount a year…and sometimes we could actually do more.
(fill in your own blank check on the figures.)

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