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September 16, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I passed by a house the other day on my way to town. On the window sill, I saw a cup and toothbrushes, which were inside that house. An adjacent window had been painted, and what was on the inside couldn’t be seen by us outsiders. I thought, that for privacy’s sake, the former window should also have been painted, you know, at least the lowermost pane next to the sill.
Then another thought crossed my mind, that painting by itself wasn’t enough. It had to be done in a smart way. When done from the outside, the outsiders could scrape it off and still see the inside. But, if done from the inside, we outsiders absolutely couldn’t interfere with it, and wouldn’t see the inside.
I thought about what kind of insulation we need, especially regarding our character and identity. We need security from the inside, assurance from things internal, that become part of us, and therefore eternal. Make up and dressing and possessions are a good cover-up, but when stripped away, nothing of you remains. But when you have these, faith, hope and love, these three remains, they out-last time and and can’t be stripped away from you.

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