Success – my thoughts

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Success – my thoughts

September 17, 2009 Uncategorized 0

What really is success? I’m sure this is a question many of us still ask, despite having so many findings cited from “great and mighty” men of all calibers. Well, I may not (yet) be one of those, but I sure got a working brain, and have a couple ideas of my own.
See, I think that success is being the real deal, and consequently receiving invites in the area of your expertise, and being honored for the same. See, let me explain. Doing and achieving something is good, very good indeed, but many a singer have recorded their works on tape, vcd or other media already. That’s okay. But how many of them actually get invitations to sing? And with that, how many are truly honored and appreciated for their works? Huh? Just a handful in the whole wide world.
I believe success is being so good at what you’re meant to be, so good that others see it and desire that you go to them and offer the same, so much so that they are willing to give just about anything to have you there, to show their gratitude. Real deal – invite – honor. My thoughts.

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