Success – my thoughts (again)

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Success – my thoughts (again)

September 18, 2009 Uncategorized 0

On success again, I also thought about it this way. It’s when you know who you are, what your purpose is, and what your mode of operation is, then you stick to that, and keep doing that over and ovr again. This goes on despite sight of ventures that seem more interesting and appealing.
It is not a boring drudgery that you’re “stuck with,” but rather what really makes you tick, and you have energy, passion, enthusiasm for it, and you want do to it again and again, and yet again, each time with new creativity. You find fulfillment and contentment in this, it sort of completes your life, makes your heart full, and you are single-minded and whole-hearted about it.
When you discover what that is, and its eternal value (preferably heavenwards,) and you discover God’s security, love, rest and assurance in it, I tell you you’ll want to stay there always, and I think that fulfillment and contentment is success.

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