Potatoes and purpose

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Potatoes and purpose

September 20, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Peeling potatoes comes with attached drama. Sometimes what you just peeled rolls off on the floor, or falls where the peels are going. Naturally, we pick ‘em up, dust them a bit and drop them where they ought to be. Sometimes the chase is so fast the only way to catch up is to poke it with the edge of the knife, hope it sticks, and bring it back to yourself.
I reckon it’s the exact same thing God does with us. We’re like these potatoes, being prepared for a great purpose, like a meal with the governor. And we just want to fall into the dustbin or roll away under the chairs. But our Master, who knows what great plans He has for us, despite our running away, still gets us back, cleans us up, and puts us right back on course, right where we belong, where we ought to be serving our rightful and great purpose.
Isn’t our heavenly Father loving? What gratitude do we show Him? (What gratitude do we show our so loving heavenly Father?)

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