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September 21, 2009 Uncategorized 0

On with the potatoes story still. Some are usually partly rotten, or have some green spots we don’t want to eventually eat. So we cut them off, leaving as much good potato as we possibly can. The ideas is not to hurt the potato, but to prevent it from going through all the heat (of cooking), and eventually (all of it) getting angrily tossed away by a disgusted (and disappointed) eater, in total rejection of al that it is, despite all it went through to get where it is…because of one rotten or unpleasing part.
I imagine that that is what God does with our character. He wants to prune our character, chop away the bad parts, in preparation for His great purpose. He means well for us, and looks at the big picture n determining the good plan of our lives. And besides, bad character isn’t allowed in great places, you know.

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