Missed Chance

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Missed Chance

September 22, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Potatoes. Oh do they have a lot to teach us or what? When they are “running away,” rolling under seats, or falling where the peels are, we try to reach out for them. We have in mind the meal we’re preparing, for a certain time and particular purpose.
Sometimes when the potatoes go beyond our reach, or beyond our time interest of “chasing after them,” we let them go. And we prepare the meal with the rest of the potatoes, and life goes on. Now what happens to the “run-away” potato is one of many things. It either gets used for the next meal if it is at all found, or gets thrown away because of the corruption it’s undergone.
Now God has a set purpose for us, within His time-frame. Slipping and falling may be corrected and another chance give, but with total running away, you may miss out on your divine moment of lifetime change and encounter with God. Sometimes we stand a sneak chance of repentance, other times it’s over, it’s over. Isn’t it good to be available the very first time?
(Yes, there’s always room for God to take us back when we slip away. He’ll redeem us and take us back in His arms. But sometimes we might miss out on a particular purpose at a certain time – perhaps even something we had been looking forward to, because we weren’t available at that point in time.)

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