My life counts here and now

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My life counts here and now

September 24, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I’ve been serving in a certain committee, and it’s been our goal to “reach out” to areas beyond our compound, some great places “out there.” It’s been a good goal, and pretty worthwhile when success is attained. However, recently, we felt overwhelmed by the workload we’d placed on ourselves, and especially that neither the external lofty goals were being sufficiently met, nor were the internal activities going on as harmoniously as they should.
I thought to myself how we were losing both ways. We had been called to serve “here where we are,” yet we were concentrating our efforts on “out there somewhere.” That way, we were not maintaining our place, or “building our house,” as Proverbs 24 would say it. And neither were we doing a good job in the foreign lands. It crossed my mind that the “out there” we talked about was our usual home area, ant that there where we were was our “out there” when at home.
I therefore found it a worthwhile cause to live for my present time and placement, and give my al there, for that is where I’m needed at that particular time. And when needed elsewhere, God is famous for using even a whale for that purpose (but I sure hope He can apply modern transportation systems with me!)

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