Last minute…deadline!

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Last minute…deadline!

September 25, 2009 Uncategorized 0

last minute....!

Last minute…last minute…deadline! “Oh yes, he’s going to wring my neck!” A famous, or not so famous after all, more on the infamous side, phrase. Nobody likes to use it. See, just when something is needed, is when it dawns on us that we should have done it already. I’m guilty too.
And maybe we can learn from the ant. Or some other clever animals. They store up their foods in summer, not at the end of summer. And that way have a peaceful, relaxed, transition into the other harsh seasons. No panic, no frantic, frenzied actions. They have used well what we would call their time of day.
May God help us to recognize our time of day, make the most of it, and yield better results/fruits at the end of the day; and still keep our composure and our heads right on our shoulders remain. help us to number our days, Lord.

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