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4 a.m.

September 28, 2009 Uncategorized 0

God is faithful

I’ll share this personal experience, and hope to learn from it as well. Some days I after the whole day’s activities, all I want to do is sleep. There are some things I know I ought to do, but sometimes I say that I’ll do it in the morning, even early in the morning, anything but just not now!
As I enter my warm bed, I send out a quick SOS to heaven requesting to be awakened at four, “I should be able to work then.” Nothing beats the precision of my stated time, and I’m always awakened at the very exact time.
As to how many times I’ve used that time for what I’d said, I’d be embarrassed to say. For the most part, actually for the whole part, God is always faithful, and the ball is usually in my court…and it’s usually me who stops the game, ‘cause I don’t play along, I don’t play my part.
Maybe if I did, just maybe if I did, I’d have a different story to tell…but I can only do that when I keep my word next time…

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