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September 29, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Shine...When getting ready in the morning to leave for work or our daily activities, one of the things we do is clean our shoes. Sometimes we do it early; sometimes we do it just before we walk out, in a panic of sorts. Usually the shoes then look very freshly done, and set. However, they collect so much dust and what have you’s before we go very far.
If however the shoes were readied before, they are dry and set, and keep their shine until we get to our destinations, for the most part. They are seasoned. Dry. Tolerant to outside influences, and can resist them. Not tender and vulnerable to dust, wind, water – the works. Strong and seasoned with time.
Perhaps, just perhaps, that is why God likes to work through those who have been in training for a while, ‘cause the ‘young’ ones are susceptible to things such as fame, attention,…anything that pampers, flatters or falters. Maybe now we can appreciate the time between knowing our purpose and being let to actually serve it.

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