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September 30, 2009 Uncategorized 0

AmbassadorAs a writer, I am one interested in good stationery, and notebooks fall under this category. Often I go out to buy notebooks fall under this category. Often I go out to buy notebooks, and each time I want a different flair. Last time I bought one t hat looked really good. And for my extra good, it was huge. Wow! It’s impact when I removed it to use it.
Hahaha on me! Shortly after that, the soft front cover pulled out…and I was now embarrassed to use my notebook in public, and had to be very tactful how I removed it. I felt let down by the cover, and I wasn’t so proud of it any more. So I was discreet about it henceforth. I longed for when it would fill up so I could get another one. My ambassador (as a writer) had let me down.
This could be how we, as Christians, let God down as we represent Him here on earth. He may get tired and disappointed and want to get rid of us and have a replacement for us, but aren’t we glad for the many chances He gives us over and over again? Pen and paper matter the most to me, and we people matter the most to God. How much more accommodating is He?

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