Beautiful Children

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Beautiful Children

October 2, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Since my book got out, my mum has been helping me sell it. She has sold it to many people, who have received it positively. One such person, a young newlywed lady, got a hold of the book, read through it, and immediately decided that some children at a certain children’s home should each get a copy. She right there and then paid for several copies.
My mum visited that home and consulted about the possibility of the same. She was given some information, which she then passed on to me. I followed up, and soon after met with the manager of the home. She is indeed a wonderful lady, with a big heart for the girls in that home. She showed me around the place, and I was amazed at what high standards she maintains for this girls. The home has only girls.
It really moved me when she said that she maintains these high standards, so that when the girls eventually grow up, become independent and leave, they will aim higher, or at the very least strive to maintain the same standards.
We planned for a time when I would go and give the girls a copy of my book each.
On the appointed day, my mum and I visited the home, again. We chatted in the living room and played with some of the children, before the older ones got back from school. When they were all there, the House Mother conducted an introduction session, and we all got to basically know each other.
Then she gave me the chance to speak. I shared with the girls about My Encouragement Box, a favorite topic of mine. I enjoyed interacting with them and hearing from them what makes them happy, and what dulls their psyche.
After that, we went on to personally give the girls a copy of the book, beautifully wrapped with a ribbon in a bow tie. We then sang the song, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so,” and swayed side to side as we held hands. We prayed, and this was a very beautiful moment.
My mum then went to share an insight. She held the smallest girl in the room in her arms. Then she asked someone to hold her, and the house mother did. Then someone else, and someone else, and someone else. Soon there was a big group embrace. Then she asked the question, “Can anyone snatch this beautiful child away from my arms when you’re all around me like this?” And the answer was a definite no. “Such is how encompassing God’s love is for us. God loves us so much, and nothing can take us away from the grip of His loving embrace.”
What a way to conclude! We shared in goodbyes, and then left. A very heartwarming afternoon we had indeed had.

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