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Girls’ Letters

October 2, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Since I wrote my book, I have been receiving quite a few responses. Some people, who edited the book while still in the process of being written, said that this would be a must-read for all ladies. Others encouraged me to write on!
Many have said that the book has encouraged them, taught them a few lessons, and they want to pass it on to others. Some have bought for their friends, daughters and relatives. A certain Doctor told me that he made notes as he read the book! That, coming from a doctor, was certainly a big thing.
Another lady, known to be very tough, said that the book was intense and precise. Coming from her, I was told, that was a great compliment. Still another lady said that the book got right to the point, and hit the nail right on the head.
A few challenges have been thrown at me to write one for the boys. Someone told me, “Go on ahead and write, you do have something to tell the boys too!” another asked me, “When you go to a boys’ school or meeting, what are you going to tell them, to give them????”
As for following that challenge, I can only say, let’s wait and see. Who knows??
But some of the most touching responses have come from young girls who have read the book, and who identify with it. One such young girl wrote me a letter about her life, and said I could share it with others. You can read her letter right here on our website.
If you do want to share your story with me, or even with others, you are welcome to do so. You can email me on You can also contact me to get information about
a) How you can get the book for yourself or for a group of people
b) How you can plan to have speaking sessions from us whether at school or church, wherever
c) How you can help other girls get the book
d) And any other query you may have.
May you be encouraged as you continue to tour this site, and as God continues to help you become the best you ever.

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