Urban Rhythms Night

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Urban Rhythms Night

October 2, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Recently I was invited to speak at an Urban Rythms night in our town. The owner of Santuri Music School had come across my book, and contacted me to attend their musical event.
There were many presentations musical, and others still artistic but not songs. Word strings mesmerized the guests, as well the own-composition songs that some of the people performed. Watching a young lad play the guitar with such skill was a definite wow-er. And listening to a live operatic performance by the teachers at the music school left one absolutely speechless.
I had been invited to speak about and sell my book, and this I did. I enjoyed myself while at it, and I was glad to realize that some of the people in attendance had read my book , bought it for others, and others identified with and were encouraged by the content. Several people bought some books after that, and for all that I thank God, and look forward to more beautiful events…made more beautiful by girls coming to a realization of their worth and specialness to and in God.

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