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October 4, 2009 Uncategorized 0

CharacterI’m married now, and the other day I discovered that I like to make it easier for my husband to eat tomatoes in a meal. He doesn’t like the skin, so it diminishes his enjoyment of his meal because he’s busy taking the skin off and placing it on the side of the plate, etc. I now normally remove the skin before I cook, and that makes the rest of the time “hassle-free.”
I thought about that a moment, and my heart was moved to do the same thing with me. Tomatoes are good, and I’m his good gift (smile), but the “off” items may “spoil” the meal. Why not sort myself out beforehand, and make our interactions all beautiful, as “hassle-free” as possible?
You know, like adjusting that nervy attitude, loosening up on the meticulousness, the works.
Big one there, huh? But worth it all the way!

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